jeudi 1 décembre 2016

Painting Crusade XIV !

Check out the video teaser of PC XIV !

That's right... PC XIV will be the last edition...

So no "maybe next year" anymore!

Come and join us to make it a two-days party to remember!

You know the program already: minis, friends and belgian beers! 

Check out the evil F page for the other info.

mardi 1 novembre 2016

bad taste pt. 7

Experimenting with various media and tools. Top: ink with a spatula on paper. Bottom: ink with a spatula, and acrylic markers (black Posca's of various sizes) on paper.

bad taste pt. 6

Not dead! I've started this more than 2 months ago, without the proper drawing material and technique. It's based on an update of old draft drawing from some time around 2010 (the original is here). Acrylic paint and markers on a 20x20cm canvas.

dimanche 18 septembre 2016

Mojo again!

Having fun with Molotow one4all acrylic markers and a set of Faber Castell black pens. Still a world to learn, but new possibilities are definitely opened!


A canvas, for once! 20x20 cm , acrylic paint, pigments, spray paint and white posca and molotow markers. And lots of fun!

samedi 10 septembre 2016

The smart guy

First mini completed in... 6 months! The painting is as flat as usual, but whatever... time to move on to other projects!

dimanche 28 août 2016


Long time, no post. Yet, I've kept myself busy, for sure! I've even been finger-painting; that is no joke! Nothing finished yet, so more pictures to come...

To keep you waiting, here's one of the most original metal song and video to come out of the 90s!